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Fetes and Fairs

Reptile Relocation and Awareness also does demonstrations showcasing a range of venomous reptiles highly suited to fates, fairs, shopping centres or all day events at schools or open days for any number of occasions!

Demonstrating the popular show known as the “Top Ten”  featuring the top ten most venomous snakes in the wo rld!

Tony unveils each of the different snakes to the audience, including interesting myths and educating the public starting with number ten before working down to the most venomous!

The show allows the public to view all of the top ten most dangerous snakes in the world as well as a handful of different pythons, crocodiles and lizards most people have never had the chance to see before!

Contact Tony at Reptile Relocation and Awareness on 0401 263 296 to discuss and tailor make the perfect show for your business or upcoming event! You won’t be disappointed!

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